Customs duties and other taxes

During the course of importing the ordered products into your country, customs duties, other taxes, fees, etc. may be charged. In such case, as the taxes and fees shall be covered by the recipient of the products, please make the direct payment to the transporter at the time of the product delivery. As the rules concerning the taxes and fees differ from country to country, please make a direct inquiry to the customs office of the country where you will be receiving the products to learn more details. Our company is in no position to answer your inquiry about the customs duties.

Prohibited or restricted items

Please note that we will not be allowed to handle the items that are prohibited or restricted from exportation or importation under the laws of Japan or the country where the delivery will be made. The items that are prohibited or restricted from exportation or importation differ from country to country. In the event that you import any of such items into your country using our service, there is a risk of the customs authority confiscating the items or a legal action being brought against you, so please be fully aware of the consequence. Our company shall not be held responsible for occurrence of any such event.

Parcel Limitation
Product damage caused in transit

In the event of the ordered product(s) getting damaged while in transit, please submit the damage report to the transporter and then notify J-goods immediately. As soon as the transporter certifies that the damage to the product(s) was indeed caused in transit, we will initiate the refund process. In this case, the maximum amount of refund that can be made will be the sum of the price of the product(s) as indicated on the shipping tag and the shipping cost that has been paid by the customer. The refund process may take up to around one (1) month. Also, there are rare cases where the refund cannot be made in cash due to certain payment methods used, refund deadline, etc. In such cases, the refund will be made in J-goods points.

Order cancellation and product return

Once the payment has been made, we cannot accommodate any customer request to cancel the order or accept the return of the product(s) under any circumstances. If any customer wishes to cancel its order, there is no particular order cancellation procedure that needs to be followed. The order will be automatically deleted from the order list after seven (7) days of the billing date.

Cases of unmeetable purchase request

After the settlement of your payment, there is a possibility that we may not be able to purchase the requested products for reasons such as the products being sold out or not identifiable, products not allowed for exportation or mailing, or circumstances surrounding our company or the sellers, etc. In this case, we will fulfill your order only for the products that can be purchased. Therefore, if you are placing an order for multiple products, please be aware of such procedure.

Free aggregated packaging

We will basically put together your ordered products that have been procured from multiple shops into a single package and ship it to you. However, please note that we may send your products in several packages depending on the shape, size and weight of the products. The maximum number of products that can be sent in a single package is twenty (20).

Shipping method

We cannot accept any customer request as to the shipping method. In addition, we are unable to accept any request on the number of packages the products should be shipped in or how they should be packed.

Date and time of shipment

We are unable to accept any customer request as to the date and time of the shipment or delivery of the product(s). In addition, if the order being placed includes any pre-ordered product prior to its commercial release or out-of-stock product that will be procured from elsewhere based on the order, the order will not be shipped until all products are procured. Please also note that such order may be shipped in multiple installments at the discretion of J-goods in rare cases.

Notes on lithium batteries

It is required that the lithium batteries are either installed or built into the equipment. We ask for your understanding in advance that in cases where the lithium batteries are not installed in the equipment, we will open the product package, install the batteries in the equipment and ship the product to you. Even in cases where the lithium batteries are already installed or built into the equipment, there is a restriction on the product quantity that we can ship to you at once. Please note that the maximum quantity of products that include batteries is limited to two units.


As the sellers’ product warranties, which are provided when the products are sold, usually become void when the products are brought out of the country of origin, please be aware especially if you are requesting us to purchase electrical appliances, etc. for you, as we shall not be held responsible for the voided warranties in any way. Notwithstanding, however, if you find any of the ordered products defective on arrival, we will be able to negotiate with the sellers to have them accept the product return if you like. If you want us to engage in such negotiation, you need to make the request to us in three (3) days of the product arrival. NOTE: If the sellers agree to accept the product return, the refund will be provided only for the product price. No other fees will be refunded. In addition, it will be your responsibility to cover the cost of international shipment from your location to our company, so we ask for your understanding of these terms.