Proxy Purchase Service

There are a number of EC sites that do not accept credit cards issued outside Japan or only allow payment by bank transfer or collect on delivery. If you are tired of those sites, please consider using our proxy purchase service. We will purchase the products you want on your behalf and deliver them to you wherever you are outside Japan in a responsible manner.

How to Use

Please enter the information of the products that you would like us to purchase on your behalf in the quotation request form and submit it. You can also include the products you would like us to obtain from other websites in the form.


Based on the information provided in the quotation request form, our system will automatically estimate the total amount and display it as the result of the quotation on the screen.


If you decide to have us purchase the products on your behalf, please complete the settlement of the payment. Once we confirm that your payment has been settled, we will proceed to make the purchase for you. All orders for which the payment has not been settled will be automatically removed from the order list seven (7) days later, so please rest assured.


When all the products that we have purchased for you arrive at our delivery center, we will initiate the shipment procedure. After the products have been shipped, we will email you the notice of the completed shipment together with the tracking number.

Item Price
Excl. Japanese Tax
International Postage
Postage rates
Domestic Shipping Charge
Buying Commission
Settlement Fee
Aggregation Fee

It will be subject to the rules of each seller. If there are several delivery options available, we will choose the one that offers property insurance coverage and shipment tracking capability.

For each order placed to a seller: JPY 300 + JPY 200*Number of Items + 10%*Item Price

* After an order has been placed, the order may be broken up into several orders. In such case, each individual order will be counted as an order for the purpose of calculating the fees.

If the store where you make your proxy purchase does not offer payment options by credit card and require other settlement methods, a commission will be charged to you at cost.